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Standard AFFF Class "A" FOAM - The most common form of fire fighting foam

fire fighting foamThe US National Institute of Standards and Technology has determined that the use of Class A foam can increase the fire protection / fighting effectiveness three to five times over plain untreated water. Utilizing this tool will virtually eliminate rekindle!

Class A Foam has a superior foaming ability that allows fire fighters to protect potential exposures for extended periods, or lay down fire breaks in bush land situations. It is specifically formulated for all Class 'A' applications such as structural, forestry, landfill and tire fires. Class A Foam reduces surface tension of water, greatly increasing the penetrating and wettings abilities of water, making water supply five times more effective than untreated water.

Fire Solutions Supplied Class A Foam is non-toxic, non-corrosive and harmless to the environment and does not contain any reportable agent under SARA TITLE III, Section 313.

Fire fighters have found that Class A foam is so effective in suppressing fire, that water damage is kept to a minimum or nonexistent. When Class A foam reduces the surface tension of the water, this allows penetration of water into fuels that normally repel water such as, charcoal and dusty roofs. It also reflects radiated heat, suppresses vapours, cools surfaces and suppresses sparks and falling embers. The clinging capability of this foam allows a blanket of bubbles on water to form on horizontal or vertical surfaces, ceilings or other overhead surfaces. Most importantly, this foam is non toxic and biodegradable and similar types of this class 'A' foam are used frequently by Conservation and Land Management WA and the Fire and Emergency Services Association throughout WA.

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Other Fire Fighting Foams


3% AFFF and 6% AFFF are synthetic fire fighting foam concentrates designed for use on hydrocarbon (gasoline) fires and hazards. When proportioned with water and applied with conventional foam or water / fog equipment, they provide excellent control and extinguishment of 'Class B fires' by spreading a vapour-sealing film over the liquid fuel. This seal inhibits re-flash, even when the foam blanket is ruptured this also allows these product to be used to secure non-ignited spills.

These foam concentrates can be used with conventional foam equipment with fresh, sea or brackish water. In addition both AFFF products can be dispensed effectively through most equipment including fog nozzles, water spray devices and standard sprinklers. US 3% AFFF and 6% AFFF are both UL listed. US 3% AFFF is approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM). US 3% AFFF and 6% AFFF are compatible with dry chemical fire fighting agents and may be applied to fires simultaneously.


Fire Solutions 3%-6% Alcohol Resistant Alcohol Resistant AFFF is a versatile fire fighting foam for protection of a wide range of 'Class B' flammable liquid hazards. It is an all synthetic film forming foam designed for protection of water-soluble polar solvents as well as water insoluble hydrocarbon flammable liquids.

When used with fresh water and foam generating equipment it is transformed into a vapour-blanketing foam to provide extinguishing and securing abilities.

3%-6% Alcohol Resistant AFFF is recommended for use in a wide variety of fire fighting foam application devices. In addition, practical applications have been demonstrated in a number of discharge devices such as non-aspirating sprinklers, water spray nozzles and water fog/nozzles. Fire Solutions Supplied 3°~6% Alcohol Resistant AFFF is UL listed on both hydrocarbon and polar solvent liquids.

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